Frequently Asked Questions

What is Modern Pecky and Pecky Pine made of?

Real, natural wood! Modern Pecky is created using high quality Southern cypress. Pecky Pine utilizes Southern yellow pine and our #2 Pine.

Why is Modern Pecky better than traditional pecky cypress?

Modern Pecky looks just as good, if not better, than traditional pecky cypress, thanks to an incredibly consistent pecky appearance. In addition, Modern Pecky is strong and reliable, requires no clean outs or sanding, and comes ready to use.

What is Modern Pecky and Pecky Pine used for?

Pecky Pine and Modern Pecky can be used as a decorative accent in homes and businesses to upgrade the appearance and add value to rooms or special projects. Example uses include statement ceilings, special picture frames, as wood beams, and for accent walls. See more inspiration on our gallery page.

Does this wood come sealed or stained?

Our wood products come unstained and unpainted in center-matched tongue-and-groove or shiplap, depending on your project’s needs. We understand designers and builders have specific color choices in mind so we keep it unstained for the greatest potential outcomes. We are happy to provide additional samples to allow you to try different stains or paints, so that you can be completely satisfied with the final look of our products in your project.

Can I buy in bulk or just by the board?

We sell all quantities, large and small, of our Modern Pecky and Pecky Pine. We also offer a high volume discount, contact us for price quotes and more details.

What is Natural Wood Products’ return policy?

All sales are final upon delivery to the customer.

Where can I purchase your products?

Orders can be placed by calling 225-752-8345