Natural Wood Products LLC, established in 2017 and based in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, crafts unfinished Pecky wood products to meet the growing demand for a unique natural wood – Pecky.  Once thought of as old-fashioned and conventional, it is now experiencing a revival as a modern, upscale wood featured in novel and innovative ways.   Our Modern Pecky™ and Pecky Pine™ adds value to homes and offices with its luxurious look in ceilings, foyers, great hall panels, and kitchen accents.  

Industry trends indicate increased demand for Pecky wood, although it can sometimes be a challenge for builders or contractors to secure large orders of Pecky wood promptly, and even harder to guarantee consistency within an order of boards.  Natural Wood Products solves these problems by fashioning readily available Pecky with the highest consistency of usable product (no clean-outs of channels and divots), at a lower cost. 

Traditionally, a recurring problem with ordering a load of Pecky is the widely varying quality of each board in the order.  Often an order will come with as little as 65% Pecky and the remainder of the order merely plain cypress with no Pecky channels or divots, meaning the purchaser paid a high rate for a full load of Pecky but instead gets only 65% Pecky, with the remainder of the load merely plain cypress.  Modern Pecky™ (or Pecky Pine™) eliminates this problem, as every board is consistently high-quality Pecky throughout.

We believe our products fit the needs of homeowners, designers, builders, and contractors wherever customers are looking for readily available, consistently beautiful Pecky. 

Natural Wood Products is family owned and operated, that holds its products to the highest standards.


Provide the highest quality at the lowest cost, with the added benefit of convenience and accessibility.