Introducing Modern Pecky
and Pecky Pine

Consistently beautiful natural wood for less than the cost of traditional pecky cypress

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At Natural Wood Products, we pride ourselves on capturing the beauty and natural elegance of traditional pecky cypress while still delivering a consistent and reliable material for use in any project. In the past, builders and homeowners had no way of knowing the quality of pecky wood or the amount of variability (light, medium, heavy) prior to purchase. Now, thanks to our Modern Pecky™ and Pecky Pine™, you can order (and build) with confidence.

Modern Pecky™ and Pecky Pine™ can give builders, homeowners and designers the look of high-end Pecky Cypress without any of the hassle.


Unique at a substantially lower cost


Consistent throughout each board


Pre-cleaned pecky channels and divots


Convenient to order and install


Increases home or project's value


Available year round with little lead time


At Natural Wood Products, our Modern Pecky™ and Pecky Pine™ products have very little variability to ensure the highest quality and consistency


We provide on-demand service to our customers in an efficient and timely manner, making sure materials are always accessible when needed

Ready to use

With two types to choose from, our pecky wood products will add value and beauty to any home, office, or business and come ready to install and use


“The material you sent we have stained and installed. It looks incredible! We’ll be getting more very soon. Thanks again.”
– Ron, Homebuilder in Georgia

“Thanks for all your help! Your Modern Pecky turned out beautiful in our home.”
– Meghan, Homeowner in Alabama

“It all looks great. We whitewashed it all this weekend.”
– David, Designer in South Carolina

“The Pecky Pine exceeded our expectations — looks great! Finding unfinished Pecky this quickly and of this quality solved a big problem for us.”
– Lynn, Homeowner in Louisiana